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Volumes available online
1: Ethics, Religion, Education, Welfare, Peace, and the State
2: The Aesthetics of Humanism
3: Science and Humanism
4: Rethinking Humanism: History, Philosophy, Science
5: The Enlightenment Reconstructed
6: Meaning in Humanism
7: Humanism and New Age Thinking
8: Humanism and Postmodernism
9: Humanism's Answers: Speaking to the Challenge of Orthodoxy
10: Living as Humanists
11: Humanists and Education
12: Globalization and Humanism
13: Beyond Reason?
Volumes available only in print
14: Multiculturalism
15: Ecohumanism
16: The Fate of Democracy
17: Biomedical Ethics
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Humanism Today

Humanism Today, was the Journal of the North American Committee for Humanism and The Humanist Institute. It began publishing articles by humanist scholars in 1985 and became the product of a think tank for the annual focus of the Institute’s adjunct faculty. The final volume, Bioethics, appeared in 2006.

There are seventeen volumes of Humanism Today. Volumes 1-13 are available online. Volumes 14-17 are available in print only through Prometheus Books.

If you are interested in learning more about Humanism you can find online courses and further resources at the Kochhar Online Humanist Education site.
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If you are interested in a formal study of Humanism and leadership development, The Humanist Institute offers a Certificate in Humanist Studies and Leadership.
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